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Options Group’s annual compensation report

Every November, Options Group releases its annual compensation report.  It serves as a predictive and vital tool for year-end compensation discussions in the financial-services industry.  Wide-ranging in scope and scale the annual report embraces every aspect of the compensation equation.  This year’s OG report, entitled “The Year of Geopolitical Upset.”  surveys the talent market from January 1 to October 31, 2017.  It derives its depth and dimension from average year-over-year changes in group compensation, compensation forecasts, historical compensation data, compensation benchmarks by specific roles, significant people moves in the current year and insightful analysis of hiring trends.  Options Group’s annual compensation report consistently upends the conventional wisdom about what—and how—financial-services talent gets paid.  The report helps clients minimize risk and uncertainty in the compensation process.  Since its introduction our clients have relied on the survey for guidance on premiums paid to outstanding performers.


Estimates in this report represent the total compensation to be paid to employees at global financial services institutions. Total compensation is defined as base salary plus cash and non‐cash bonuses awarded for 2017. Compensation offered at industry‐leading, mid‐sized banks and specialty firms was also taken into consideration. Our estimates represent expected annual pay packages for the top 25% of professionals in their respective roles or specialties, and they exclude the top 1% of compensation ranges. Unless otherwise noted, estimates are in US dollars. 

Forecasts incorporate general market conditions from January 1, 2017 to October 31, 2017. This report provides an in‐depth analysis of data gathered through information obtained from employees, market participants, consultants, clients, and other stakeholders, and offers forward‐looking compensation projections by product and geographical region. Percentage changes in compensation are based on employees’ expectations and Options Group’s perspectives on current compensation and hiring trends.

The Options Group 2017|2018 Global Financial Markets Overview and Compensation Report is the culmination of 12 months of work by over 190 global consultants and research professionals. It is intended to help our clients make informed, market‐based compensation decisions for 2018, and develop their human resource management plans and policies for 2018. OGiQ captured information on global business performance, key talent moves, recruitment trends, and compensation practices through its extensive and global database of over 600,000 industry professionals, interviews with senior executives across the industry, and various other data sources.

Options Group is able to provide thorough assessments of expected compensation for 2017 by product, asset class, and region. As the year draws to an end and institutions begin the process of allocating bonus pools and 2018 budgets, hiring managers and business unit heads may use these forecasts as a guide to employee compensation expectations.

The compensation data compiled by OGiQ in connection with this report was provided by employees and other stakeholders on an anonymous and voluntary basis. OGiQ does not maintain, disclose or have access to compensation information with respect to individually‐identifiable survey participants. OGiQ is not an employer or recruitment firm, and OGiQ does not make or participate in making any hiring, referral, or placement decisions with respect to any particular employee or candidate for employment.

Über Patrick Schaeffner

Patrick Schäffner ist zuständig für den Bereich Risk Management & Compliance im Frankfurter Büro der Options Group. Zuvor war er bereits erfolgreich bei einer Personalberatung tätig und hat Finanzinstitute, Advisory Boutiquen sowie Industriekunden aus dem DAX beraten. Herr Schäffner hat Moderne Chinastudien sowie Betriebswirtschaftslehre an der Universität zu Köln sowie in Dalian (China) studiert. Im Jahr 2019 beendete er mit Auszeichnung ein MBA-Studium, das seine Kenntnisse in sämtlichen Aspekten des Risikomanagements, Strategie und Management vertiefte.   Bei der Options Group betreut Herr Schäffner internationale Banken, Vermögensverwalter, Hedge Funds sowie Versicherer in Europa und Asien bzgl. deren strategischen Recruitings in Risk und Compliance. Er vertraut dabei auf einen strukturierten und informations-basierten Ansatz, der ihn und die Options Group positiv von anderen Beratungen unterscheidet.   Seine Freizeit verbringt er mit Wandern, Surfen und Fitnesstraining.

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